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DRSSTC design and improvements

Original poster: "colin heath" <colin.heath4@xxxxxxxxxxxx>

Hi all,
well im onto my third drsstc build. the first disaster the second wasnt bad giving around 21" with half bridge of the 1n40n60 igbt's. well i ran this with 100nf tank cap and a 12" helical primary tapped at 5 turns.
after reading steve wards post im wondering whether to change my design a bit. i was currently planning to use 100nf again running the 200khz secondary i have. im now thinking that i should be looking at perhaps going to a much larger tank cap and less primary inductance to drop the impedance and go with a shorter on time. i too was running 300uS on time on previous coils.
so in designing the coil should we aim for 100uS on time then leave it there and work on things reducing primary losses and larger tank cap rather than upping the on time?
colin heath