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Re: Hello from The Newbie

Original poster: "Chris Watkins" <tesla@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

> Original poster: "Lau, Gary" <gary.lau@xxxxxx> > > Hi Chris: > > Welcome, I'm happy to see that you have the requisite personal quality > where every household item is viewed as a potential Tesla coil > component!

My wife knows what's up. Cannisters, pitchers, large candles... if it's
a suitably sized, non-metallic cylinder, it has disappeared from my sight.
(I had thought of using the candle as a mold to make a fiberglass form,
 since I do happen to have some fiberglass matting and epoxy on hand.)

> The progression of design and acquisition generally begins with locating > a high voltage transformer, and the overall size of the coil and the > choice of other components is based on the transformer. As the > transformer is generally one of the more difficult items to get, this > only makes sense. For instance, if a 15kV/60mA NST just happened to > make itself available to you, a secondary of the size you described > would be too small and unsuitable.

Ahhh... logic. I was determined to work in the other direction... build
the small coil, then come up with my HV, either multiplying or using the
Variac to raise/lower my primary input as required to get sparkin'/

> But back to your question, I would avoid the Pringles can at all cost. > It's not worth the effort to try and remove the foil lining; who knows > if there is also foil laminated within where you can't see it?

A good point that I hadn't considered.
All visible is now bare, but I definitely don't know "what's inside".

> Go to an
> office supply store and spring for a cardboard mailing tube if you
> really can't afford a piece of PVC pipe.  Either will work equally well,
> but the PVC will be much more sturdy and easy to mount.

I think I'm just lazy... but I may end up going to buy the PVC after all.