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Re: Hello from The Newbie

Original poster: "Chris Watkins" <tesla@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

> Original poster: "Jim Lux" <jimlux@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> > > Comments interspersed...

> Stay away from the black ABS drain pipe. (black = carbon black pigment =
> good for HV)

Good info. I'll keep that in mind.

> Some other ideas/questions for you:
> 1) Where will you scrounge the magnet wire?

I actually have about a pound each of 24 and 26 gauge on hand. I think
that's just enough 26 gauge to do somewhere in the 800~1100 turns
range, depending on the diameter I wind up with. If I had to scrounge,
I suspect I'd be raiding some old power supply transformers or motors.

> 2) Beer bottles in a plastic bucket makes a very inexpensive first cap.

This is most likely to be the construction method for my first cap.

> 3) What were you going to use for the high voltage source? Neon sign > transformers are the thing most people start with. See if you can scrounge > a 12kV or 15kV transformer with 30mA current.

I'm quite undecided on the HV source. I do have a wide variety of junk to
choose from. I have several GM HEI coils which, with some basic circuitry,
might end up giving the best bang. I also have an old LaserJet printer
to die for this special cause. Then there's the monitor/TV flybacks,
one from a 3 CRT rear projection unit that looks nice and beasty.

I've also got a "cosmetically junk" but working microwave I could rob the
transformer from, but I don't know if "one" would do the job or not.

If I have to purchase my HV... it'll likely be a neon sign transformer.
If I bought a pole pig right now... my wife would not likely be amused.

I do own a small Variac(W30H), to vary input to "whatever" I use.