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Re: Faraday cage ground

Original poster: Finn Hammer <f-h@xxxx>

Moterskater? It is good form to give a name or handle.

Anyway, welcome to the list.

In theory, all charge exchanged will remain inside the cage, and so, the secondary coil should be grounded to the cage. Since theory is not perfect, it is a good idea to ground the cage also.
You say you have no ground in the room, a radiator, a water pipe, or even electrical ground (now that it is a faraday cage, not a secondary coil) would be possibilities.

A faraday cage, particularly one that is close to the coil, will load the coil capacitively, and lower the res. freq. a bit.

Hope this helps.

Cheers, Finn Hammer

Tesla list wrote:

Original poster: Motosk8er2@xxxxxxx

Hello. I have built several tesla coils and i want to use one in my up coming science fair but it is indoor and i want a faraday cage but there is nowhere i can ground it. I was wondering if i could hook the ground of the tesla coil directly to the faraday cage and just have the tesla coil inside of the cage so the lightning would hit the inside of the cage(kinda new with faraday cages)?