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Re: Hello from The Newbie

Original poster: "Jim Lux" <jimlux@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>

> I'm quite undecided on the HV source. I do have a wide variety of junk to
> choose from. I have several GM HEI coils which, with some basic circuitry,
> might end up giving the best bang. I also have an old LaserJet printer
> willing
> to die for this special cause. Then there's the monitor/TV flybacks,
> including
> one from a 3 CRT rear projection unit that looks nice and beasty.

The HEI coils are a possibility.  The LJ corona supply will be too low
current, likewise the TV flybacks.
Actually, you can make a TC from just the HEI coil...

> I've also got a "cosmetically junk" but working microwave I could rob the
> transformer from, but I don't know if "one" would do the job or not.

One microwave oven transformer (MOT on this list) is about 2kV, and a bit
low for practical use. 4 in series can work well, but there are some tricky
aspects to making this work.

> > If I have to purchase my HV... it'll likely be a neon sign transformer.

Lots of these to be had for <$50, used.  Don't pay too much, especially if
its condition is unknown. Typical problems are broken insulators (not
necessarily a problem, depending on where the break is) or internal shorts
(that's a challenge to fix...).  GFI NSTs (just about all that's being sold
new these days, due to changes in the electrical code for signs) are harder
to make work, but it can be done... Either the GFI stuff gets removed
(drill, chop, hack, etc.) which is highly model dependent or you choose a
design that doesn't tend to trip it.
> I do own a small Variac(W30H), to vary input to "whatever" I use.

exceedingly useful...