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Re: More DRSSTC magnifier work

Original poster: Terry Fritz <teslalist@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

Hi Steve,

These two pictures say it all!!



Do you have any feel for if the magnifier works better than the conventional system???

I have a magnifier too, minus the secondary that broke but will be fixed shortly ;-)) also have to fix the weather here ;-P


Maybe I could make a toroid out of snow <:o)))

It will be interesting to see how it likes 6000 BPS >:)) but I fear that the adding and subtracting ringdowns in a three coil system may not play well together...

Much much to ponder...



At 09:18 PM 4/30/2005, you wrote:
Hello Everyone,

Im happy to say that the magnifier 2, first light was quite a success.
 I could produce 9 foot strikes from a 21" tall resonator.  I have
several modifications to make already!  I wound my secondary to 19"
length, though originally intending for a 17" winding.  I figured i
could pull the wire off later if it was too much, and indeed it is, i
will be removing 1-2" of winding from the bottom of the coil.  The
coupling is also much too high, so hopefully the removal of those
lower turns will help with that.

I had to add a toroid to the base of the resonator to keep corona from
forming across the coil!  The corona really looked lovely, but i was
quite afraid of the coil shorting itself out.  Adding a small toroid
to the base fixed the problem completely, allowing the 9' sparks.

Anyway, all the information (and pictures!) are on the webpage for the coil:



Steve Ward