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Re: More DRSSTC magnifier work

Original poster: Steve Ward <steve.ward@xxxxxxxxx>

Hi Terry,

On 4/30/05, Tesla list <tesla@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Original poster: Terry Fritz <teslalist@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
> Hi Steve,
> These two pictures say it all!!
> http://www.stevehv.4hv.org/mag2-4-30-05/outsidesetup.JPG
> http://www.stevehv.4hv.org/mag2-4-30-05/spark6.JPG

Yep!  I used a flash on that spark picture so that the coil would show
up in the darkness.  A trick i picked up from Terry Blake as he took
pics of my coil at the last Wisconsin thon.

> Do you have any feel for if the magnifier works better than the
> conventional system???

Better?  Im not sure yet.  Im not "sold" on the magnifier for its
efficiency yet.  In fact, i find the efficiency to be somewhat less i
think than normal.  But it might come down to using a non-optimized
setup.  I think 9' is pretty good for the total length of windings
involved.  19" for the secondary and 21" for the tertiary coil give
40" winding for 108" of spark... not shabby.  The 2-coil system did
136" spark vs 45" winding, so its still winning!  But, i had my
current limiter set a bit "tight" tonight at 850A, so the maggy
couldnt really let loose.  I dont think i passed 75% input voltage,
and only running about 12 cycles per burst (though those cycles are at
38khz!).  I am happy to say that the sparks were like 10' away from
the electronics :-) no worries there about a spark hitting the

Also, i did some calculations and it seems i had to reduce my K
(L1:L2) to about .34, which yields an overall K (L1:L2:L3) of about
.17.  My systems seem to need a K of .22 or so to really perform, so
this is also something to work on.  The primary current was really
higher than needed, since the last run produced 10' with <800A with
the 2 coil system using a K of .24.  I have several more tricks up my
sleeve, so hopefully i will get the magnifier performing on that level
or better!  I will continue to push the little green coil way past its
limits :-).  Just imagine sparks 6X its length...

> I have a magnifier too, minus the secondary that broke but will be fixed
> shortly ;-))  also have to fix the weather here ;-P

So far we can only control the local lightning ;-)

> http://www.crh.noaa.gov/ifps/MapClick.php?CityName=Fort+Collins&state=CO&site=BOU
> Maybe I could make a toroid out of snow <:o)))


> It will be interesting to see how it likes 6000 BPS >:))  but I fear that
> the adding and subtracting ringdowns in a three coil system may not play
> well together...

Im not even gonna try to think about that!  Sounds like a good place
for "try it and see".


> Much much to ponder...
> Cheers,
>          Terry