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Primary pipe size/spacing questions?

Original poster: Tyler <blimpie120@xxxxxxxxx>

Ok, I am in the process of building/designing another
coil. Currently, I have around 1300 watts of power
available, a 6.312" x 28.375" secondary with 24 ga
wire. I am currently on the design phase for the
primary, and have a few questions. First, I see that
most people are using 1/4" copper pipe. The problem
is, for me to get 60' of pipe its gonna cost me... I
did find some 3/8" pipe in a 60' roll for $20(us).
Here's my question, I would assume, that the larger
the pipe you use the more 'driving' power it takes to
create a magnetic field? The same thing goes for the
spacing, I see that the further I space the windings,
I get more inductance per turn. Thus again, I would
assume more 'driving' power to get the same magnetic

So, for my application, (around 1300 watts, 3 NST's
paralleled) is 3/8" pipe a bit to large?

Also, as for cutting 'slots' in acrylic to make the
standoffs for the primary, how did you guys cut them,
just with a table saw and fence?

Thanks in advance,

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