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Re: Primary pipe size/spacing questions?

Original poster: Steve Ward <steve.ward@xxxxxxxxx>

More power is not required for larger diameters of conductor. Larger
conductors simply offer lower resistance (which is good for any
power).  The larger conductor will need slightly more spacing between
turns, this will affect the over all inductance (as you mention) but
more inductance again doesnt imply anything about the power needed to
drive it.  Does that answer your question?

the 3/8" tubing will work just fine keeping in mind it will produce a
physically larger primary for a given number of turns (and similar

Is 3/8" really cheaper than 1/4" where you live?  I paid $25 for 60'
of 3/8" at menards, and $13 for 50' of 1/4" at home depot, but home
depot wanted much more for the 60' of 3/8".  Just goes to show its
good to shop around.

Steve Ward

On 4/26/05, Tesla list <tesla@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Original poster: Tyler <blimpie120@xxxxxxxxx>
> Ok, I am in the process of building/designing another
> coil. Currently, I have around 1300 watts of power
> available, a 6.312" x 28.375" secondary with 24 ga
> wire. I am currently on the design phase for the
> primary, and have a few questions. First, I see that
> most people are using 1/4" copper pipe. The problem
> is, for me to get 60' of pipe its gonna cost me... I
> did find some 3/8" pipe in a 60' roll for $20(us).
> Here's my question, I would assume, that the larger
> the pipe you use the more 'driving' power it takes to
> create a magnetic field? The same thing goes for the
> spacing, I see that the further I space the windings,
> I get more inductance per turn. Thus again, I would
> assume more 'driving' power to get the same magnetic
> field.
> So, for my application, (around 1300 watts, 3 NST's
> paralleled) is 3/8" pipe a bit to large?
> Also, as for cutting 'slots' in acrylic to make the
> standoffs for the primary, how did you guys cut them,
> just with a table saw and fence?
> Thanks in advance,
> ~Blimpie