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Re: Broken NST Advice?

Original poster: Gregory Hunter <tesla_39560@xxxxxxxxx>

Yes, you can fix it. Obtain a sch40 PVC pipe coupler
or a short stub of PVC pipe slightly larger inside
diameter than the cracked insulator. Trim it using a
miter saw until it is no longer than the insulator.
Slip it over the cracked insulator and fill it
comletely with clear silicone rubber caulk and let it
harden for a couple of days. I rebuilt a crushed
insulator this way and the NST still works fine.

Don't worry about the cracks in the tar.


> Is this something that can be safely repaired with
> the right application
> of some high-voltage glue or epoxy? If so, what
> should I use?
> Also, the tar is cracked inside and I can see some
> metal. Is this
> normal for an aged transformer and again something
> that could be fixed
> with some sillicone?
> Thanks!
> Ian Smith
> www.ian.org