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Re: TC powered by LV Marx generator? - SIDAC's

Original poster: Jerry White <starcatfisher@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>

I must just be lucky;-) it was about the fifth item when I googeled it.
<http://www.tenfourltd.com/pdf/sidac.pdf>SIDAC<http://www.tenfourltd.com/pdf/sidac.pdf> silicon diode for alternating current

Tesla list <tesla@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Original poster: "Peter Terren"

I am glad that Terry doesn't know. I have just spent time on Google and
was unable to find what the abbreviation stands fo either (or for DIAC or
TRIAC). I remember when I started electronics over 30 years ago I used to
know what transistor meant as well. It's just not important now. (but I
would like to put it on my website, so if anyone knows...)
Peter (Tesla Downunder)

>Original poster: Terry Fritz > >Hi Sam, >....The SIDAC (I have no idea what that stands for) is a solid state >device that holds off voltage until a certain voltage level is reached. .... >Cheers, > Terry > > >At 02:03 PM 4/22/2005, you wrote: >>.....I think I could follow half o f the messages if I just knew what >>"SIDACS" (or >>whatever.... meant. >> >>Sam Johnson