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Re: Broken NST Advice?

Original poster: Ed Phillips <evp@xxxxxxxxxxx>

Tesla list wrote:
> Original poster: Gregory Hunter <tesla_39560@xxxxxxxxx>
> Yes, you can fix it. Obtain a sch40 PVC pipe coupler
> or a short stub of PVC pipe slightly larger inside
> diameter than the cracked insulator. Trim it using a
> miter saw until it is no longer than the insulator.
> Slip it over the cracked insulator and fill it
> comletely with clear silicone rubber caulk and let it
> harden for a couple of days. I rebuilt a crushed
> insulator this way and the NST still works fine.
> Don't worry about the cracks in the tar.
> Greg

	I wouldn't go to that much trouble.  Just epoxy the thing back together
neatly (or not so neatly) and you are in business.  I'm sure you could
run it forever with the piece missing and never notice the difference.
Once upon a time I picked up four NST's that had obviously fallen off
the back of a truck winding up a freeway ramp in South LA.  Two of them
had survived surprisingly intact but the others had bounced off the
pavement and had both insulators mangled worse than yours.  There was
enough left of three of the four insulators that I just ran the things
"as was".  The fourth insulator was completely gone along with the screw
leading into the secondary but I was able to find enough wire to splice
to.  Turned up an insulator out of lucite (had a big enough chunk), ran
a screw through it, and epoxied it to the case.  Worked fine for several
years running OUTDOORS feeding my "Skunk Zapper" in rain and shine.
Finally retired it still working OK.