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RE: tubecoil

Original poster: "Bill Miller" <screengrid@xxxxxxxxxxx>

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Subject: tubecoil
Date: Sat, 16 Apr 2005 17:37:53 -0600

Original poster: Vladimiro Mazzilli <mazvla@xxxxxx>

There is a great increase of interest in SSTC but the old and rugged and
spectacular tubecoils are forgotten? I have recorded  225 messages in
1998, 231 in 1999, 396 in 2000, 509 in 2001, 418 in 2002, 548 in 2004,
and now only 2 in 2005 for me that built some sstc, there are nothing so
warm and hissing as a VTTC.


I used to mess around with VTTC's in the past (when dyathermi machines were easy to get.) Things got bigger and bigger, and finally had to move the coil and assoc. electronics on a small trailer. I found that thorinated filiments in the large tubes that I used to be VERY fragile.
I could not "let one loose" and then quickly push the trailer into the garage, without it effecting the tubes. I stopped when the supply of tubes ran out.