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two pole pigs, $20 each, Northern Ohio

Original poster: "Grayson Dietrich" <edgemeer@xxxxxxxxxxx>

Hello, All

I have two 10kVA pole pigs that I need to get rid of - I am moving to the west coast in about 6 weeks. These are 7.2kV units with a split 240/480 secondary. I know that these are not the very best for a tesla coil, but if used in tandem they could still deliver 20kVA at 14.4kV The business end of things has two high voltage insulators, so I'm guessing this means either that the thing is center-tapped or that the case is isolated. Each of these transformers are filled with oil, and are PCB free. Please come get them from me! I'd really hate to have to scrap them, or pay to store them, which is what will end up happening if I can't find someone who wants to use them in an electrical project.
They each weigh about 200 pounds or more.

thanks, and I really hope that someone is interested,

-Grayson Dietrich