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How to splice secondary wires, was; Re: This Hobby's Expensive - Tosh! No,my go

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Hi all,
  Is it possable (or advisable) to splice wire on a secondary? I have about
1 lb of 24 gauge wire on a spool and several deflection coils salvaged from
old TV's of the same gauge. I am planning to wind a 4" coil approx. 20"
long. I don't know how much wire this will take but am hoping to spice
enough wire out of what I have on hand without having to buy wire. What
would be the best method?
Thanks, Jerry


This can be done pretty easily.  Just file one end of the wire to a
wedge shape by filing only one side of the wire.  Just make an
angled flat point.  Then do the same to the other piece of wire.
Then apply solder to both wires on the flat sections where you
filed the wire.  Don't remove any insulation other than where you
filed.  Then place the wires together, heat with the soldering iron
and let them nicely solder together.  If done correctly there will
be no bump where they're joined.  Use scrap wires (perhaps
thicker) to practice on.  I've done it with wire as thin as 28awg
but it gets tricky.  Some lumpy/bumpiness of the joint won't affect
the coil's operation anyway.

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John Freau