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Re: DRSSTC Magnifier Mark 1

Original poster: "colin heath" <colin.heath4@xxxxxxxxxxxx>

hi steve,
website doesnt work for me although 4hv isnt working at all for me. on the note of magnifier reading i learned that to get maximum energy transfer go for a 2/1 ratio between driver and extra coil so if extra 50mH then driver secondary 25mH. this seems to be what all the really successful maginifiers have in common.
also with the solid state version this massive problem of quenching a tightly coupled sytems gap goes away also and this seemed to be one of the biggest challenges in magnifier design

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Original poster: Steve Ward <steve.ward@xxxxxxxxx>

Hi Colin,

The feedback is still primary feedback, thats the only way i could see
it working and being stable.  I remember trying simulations of using
feedback on the ground of the secondary coil but it wouldnt lock to
the right frequency... though this was awhile ago and ive learned so
many things that the sim might have been "flawed".

Is my website not working for people?  Still works here, if not a bit
slow.  Maybe i need to go complain to my host :-).


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> Original poster: "colin heath" <colin.heath4@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
> steve,
> doh! i was talking about this on the tcbouk list a couple of > months
> back but as usual talking about it is as far as i got.
> congrats on getting it working. what feedback did you use?
> im interested wether base current feedback would work as all the current
> has to flow through here right?
> although im sure if i remember correct (as website down)
> you use primary current feedback correct?
> well done on yet another breakthrough
> cheers
> colin heath