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Re: DRSSTC Magnifier Mark 1

Original poster: Steve Ward <steve.ward@xxxxxxxxx>

Hi Paul,

I will try to answer your question from *my* perspective of what a
magnifier actually is.  To the guys who are more familiar with the
technology, feel free to correct me if im wrong!

The way i see it, the 2-coil and 3-coil systems are just the same
thing, except where you are putting the leakage inductance of your
"resonator".  In a 2 coil system, the secondary winding consists of
some L that is coupled and the rest is "leakage" and is left to
resonate with the self C and toroid C.  In a magnifier, you are
chopping up the secondary into 2 parts.  One part (the driver) is
highly coupled to the primary, so most of the L there is coupled.  The
3rd coil is only coupled electrically (not magnetically) so all of its
inductance is leakage L and resonates.  So all you are doing is moving
a section of your secondary winding off axis.  So to actually answer
the question, no, there is no free energy, and there is nothing that i
can see that should make a magnifier more efficient than a 2 coil
system.  I believe the over all coupling achieved turns out to be
roughly the same once you figure that the 3rd coil isnt coupled at

Dont take what ive written here as fact!  Im only going by my limited
knowledge of things.

I would really like to hear what others have to say in response to
Pauls questions.

Steve Ward

On 4/16/05, Tesla list <tesla@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Original poster: "Paul B. Brodie" <pbbrodie@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
> Hi Steve,
> That sounds great. I couldn't get to your site to look at the setup. I was
> wondering about magnifiers in general. From what I have gleaned from the
> Internet and the archives, a magnifier doesn't produce any more sparks, or
> rather longer sparks, than a standard two coil system. So, does a magnifier
> magnify anything?? I always thought what Tesla described was an energy gain
> from nothing sort of scheme and quite impossible. Can you shed any light on
> this for me? Am I misunderstanding something? (As usual!) Anyone else help
> me on this? Thanks.
> Paul
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> > Original poster: Steve Ward
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> >
> > Hey guys!
> >
> > I just built my first magnifier of any sort, and of course its DRSSTC
> > driven ;-). I should mention that i have NO idea what im doing when
> > it comes to magnifier design... i just thought i'd try something and
> > see how it goes. Worked great! Check out the page i made for it
> > (includes spark pics!)
> >
> >
> <http://www.stevehv.4hv.org/DRSSTCmag1.htm>http://www.stevehv.4hv.org/DRSSTCmag1.htm
> >
> > The magnifier seems to be pretty well behaved. My max spark length so
> > far is about the same as when it was a 2-coil system. That is, 35"
> > from a 11" tall resonator ;-). Its just that now the sparks arent
> > always hitting the strike ring! :-). I might just have to move up to
> > a full-bridge drive to really get the sparks flowing! There isnt so
> > much of a limit now that the coil can be elevated off the ground more.
> >
> > The magnifier required a lower tuning than before, which is what i
> > expect since i have more effective leakage L to resonate there, as
> > well as more capacitance.
> >
> > This was just a "test", cooler things should come along soon, need to
> > order some magnet wire! Whats also nice is that the conversion from
> > 2-coil to 3-coil was very easy!
> >
> > Questions and comments welcome.
> >
> > Steve Ward
> >
> >