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RE: Terry's DRSSTC - Experiment - A curious thing...

Original poster: Terry Fritz <teslalist@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

Hi Derek, Greg, and All,

I was happy this morning that it was all figured out as just destructive interference acting on the last burst. But, of course, that would be too easy ;-))

In my case, the controller would instantly resync and rematch itself to the coil's resonance. It really can't "fight" the primary current but only boost it. I ran a model this morning and got this:


Even with streamer loading removed, the burst is only lasting 400uS and completely gone by the time the next burst comes along...

Of course, I will have to check it with a scope for real. But first calculations tend to say that something else is going on...

Wonderful that others have seen similar effects!! That helps eliminate something "odd" that is unique to just my system.

I will have to get in there with the scope next and go poking around to see if anything obvious is going on....

Stay tuned!