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Re: This Hobby's Expensive - Was - Re: Terry's DRSSTC - Controller Experiment

Original poster: Ben McMillen <spoonman534@xxxxxxxxx>

Hi all,
   Some of the greatest innovation comes about due to lack
of a sufficient budget. Make do with what you can find, not
what you can buy (that's what I always tell myslef). As a
graduate student, I'm about as poor as they get, so finding
me in a dumpster somewhere or toting of a box of junk I
found is not uncommon around here..

So for those of you who don't have 'bottomless pockets',
keep your eyes open.. you never know what you may find..

Coiling In Pittsburgh
Ben McMillen

--- Tesla list <tesla@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Original poster: Yurtle Turtle <yurtle_t@xxxxxxxxx>
> All hobbies can be expensive. They can also be cheap,
> if you've got the time and patience to do some
> scrounging. No, you're probably not gonna get a fancy
> digital storage scope in a HamFest for $25, but you
> may find an old fashioned analog scope for that.
> Besides HamFests, there are free microwave ovens along
> the side of many roads, older TV's have flybacks, 17"
> and larger computer monitors are being thrown away (or
> sold for nearly nothing) everywhere, now that folks
> want flat panels. Don't be afraid to do some dumpster
> diving. Heck, I found a 14.4 kV 25 kVA pig for FREE! I
> got a LincolnArc 225 arc welder at a garage sale
> pretty cheap. I believe Greg Hunter got an arc welder
> for free by placing an ad in his local paper asking
> for non-working welders. eBay is great, but you gotta
> read the ads carefully and check the seller's ratings.
> For tools, garage sales are great. If quality and/or
> precision aren't that critical, there's always Harbor
> Freight.
> Good luck
> Adam
> --- Tesla list <tesla@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> > Original poster: "Paul B. Brodie"
> > <pbbrodie@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
> >
> > Steve,
> > That's my other problem, you guys seem to have
> > bottomless pockets when it
> > comes to hobby expenditures!!!