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Re: Terry's DRSSTC - Experiment - A curious thing...

Original poster: Terry Fritz <teslalist@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

Hi All,

I tried my experiment and found something very odd!!

I was running small streamers (~8 inches) here in the basement off a sharp tip on the terminal.

The 1, 2, 3... pulse thing did not seem too interesting. After about 5 to 10 pulse the streamers seem to reach a maximum level. After that they just last longer but their length does not increase....

But one thing that certainly did get my attention was this.

After about 400 BPS and certainly from 600 - 1000 BPS the streamer length "cyclically" goes from a small brushy discharge to a long single streamer as a function of BPS. Sort of like this:

500BPS = short sparks
550BPS = long single arc
600 BPS = short sparks
700 BPS = long single arc

Those are not really the exact numbers, but just increasing the BPS say from 660 to 690 increased the length of the streamers about 5X!! Then increasing the BPS further to 720 made the streamers fall back to the short discharge again! It is almost like the streamer length is going through nodes and anti-nodes as the BPS is increased.

I don't "think" it is anything in the electronics. There is nothing to really cause it on the controller side. I just used 20 pulses all the time at fixed pulse width (35mS) so the total power is pretty much the same. Only the BPS rate of the 20 pulse bursts was changed.

I was wondering if the L and C of the streamer was resonating or something. But I could not imagine how that could be... It certainly did seem like the long streamers "go in and out of tune".... You could adjust the BPS to maximize the length....

If it is a real repeatable effect, it may have been easily lost in a conventional spark gap type coil's erratic operation. The DRSSTC with computer control can easily pick out this effect. I can change the BPS from like 700BPS to 701BPS without changing any things else and run like that for hours! It is really strange running coils by computer!! But the level of control and repeatability is astounding!!

So curious if anyone has ever noticed streamer length dramatically coming and going buy changing BPS a little at the above 600BPS level?