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Re: Resonance

Original poster: "Steven Steele" <sbsteele@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>

No, he actually said, "Steven, this is not an ordinary induction coil."
I think it may simply be that he doesn't know/remember that much about Tesla Coils.
He is a brilliant man, though. He actually holds several patents for circuits like guitar amps and stuff. He makes a whole lot of $$$$$$$$$$$$ just by doing nothing because of the patents. He wrote the curriculum for the state of Georgia for Electronics. And I respect him. He knows more about electronics than at least half of ya'll( just not about Tesla Coils. LOL.) And he's an ex-marine. Simprify!
That's why I trusted him to guid me through the land of Tesla Coiling.
I see now that I should have singned up for the list earlier.
I actually came across the Pupman site and thought,"Naa, I don't wanna do that."
Then my Teacher said I should e-mail somebody and find out something about Tesla coils. (he never said what, He's like that. Once he had me go to Bob's HV site and read his stuff. He said he was going tho make up a test on it and I couldn't work on the Tesla coil until I passed it. He never made the test.I worked on it anyway.)
So I e-mailed Steve Conner and he said that I should join Pupman's list, so I did, and I've been listening to you guys instead ever since. But then again, that was just before Spring break so I couldn't really listen to my teacher then anyway. LOL. :)
Thanks guys!

                               Steven Steele

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So I was just doing what my
teacher said.


Maybe your teacher was thinking of an induction coil.  These
use many layers of wire and also create a spark output, but
are low frequency devices.

John Freau