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Primary Frustration!

Original poster: "Daniel Koll" <dk_spl_audio@xxxxxxxxxxx>

I was starting to wind my primary (3/16" copper tubing with 3/16" between turns). I made 4 plexi supports and drilled 3/16" holes to wind the primary in. I mounted them with silicone onto my TC table I made. I waited over a day for the silicone to dry. I had my girlfriend come over to help, we got almost half way and all the silicone supports ripped off, GRR!!! It was getting very hard to rotate through as well. I don't know what to do now.
I know a lot of you say to drill the holes half way into the supports so the tubing will "snap" in but it is too late for that. I have a chop saw but it has a standard DeWalt blade (for wood) in it. Even if I went slow I would be scared that it would crack, chip, or shatter. Any suggestions or ideas?