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Re: bummed

Original poster: "Steven Steele" <sbsteele@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>

The box caps are indeed caps. The definition of a capacitor is this:
an electrical device/component that hold a charge in a dielectric between two plates.

Since these things do hald a charge, they are considered as capacitors.
In design though they are more lik Lyden jars.

All of this is still trivial anyway becaus I do allready have MMCs.
Plus they are fun to play with(at least for a while, then you get board again.)

Steven Steele
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I finally got around to looking at your pictures...

Im gonna be real "critical"  maybe even harsh  heck maybe insultive... BUT ...

reading your last post before this one about trying your caps to test them out ??? umm what was that you had as far as caps? 2 tupperware containers lined with foil?

do you have any idea what caps are? Caps are MULTIPLE layers of dielectric ( insulator) and conductive material layered in such a manner that the layers are seperated by the insultor are next to each other in MULTIPLE layers ( like 30 - 50 layers for homemade caps) what I saw was a tupperware container with 1 layer of aluminum.... no way enuf capacitance to even work on the coil you designed.... as I sed in my previous post... spend the money on a good cap set be it a MMC or something from Ebay ( best bet a Maxwell Cap) you can not be cheap on the cap no way around it ... homemade caps will cost you more in the long run than buying "real" commercially made cap set....
and how do I know this??? I have made 3 styles of homemade caps and the money I spent on making them was 5X more than what I spent on a set of commercially made "Ebay" bought caps...

I seriously suggest you should do some research on cap design before you go any further in your coiling ... really hate to see a prospective coiler drop from the ever growing list but without some kind of desire to take the time to learn and understand what you are dealing with,,,,, Id rather see you leave coiling due to not understanding the "system" than to see you leave coiling due to a hi volt contact mishap.... sorry to be so vocal but I had to... you are eager to accomlish a coil but not disciplined enuf to understand the overall picture and dangers...

take a step back listen to what has been said to you and take heed of what you are getting into READ ALL of the Tesla Coil Ring Web Sites ( and you will notice that 90% have a disclaimer about death distruction and electrocution) WE ARE NOT KIDDING about this.... even a MOT can kill you....

dont be so eager to accomplish something without learninng about it
be eager to learn about it first applying what you have learned is more rewarding than accomplishing something without the knowledge....
anybody can break something but it takes a person with knowledge to make something....

Scot D

Tesla list wrote:

Original poster: "Steven Steele" <sbsteele@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>

I'm bummed cuz i tried my tc and id did exactly what i expected it to do, nothing. I can't find out what the resonant freq is. i don't even know that my retarted tc even has one. i aint got a clue as to the math i need if i were to go about getting my caps oriented to whatever freq i ned to put them at. basically, i'm up the creek without a paddle, and theres probbly a waterfall.

           Steven Steele