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UPDATE: Tesla coil based communications black hole.

Original poster: "Christopher 'CajunCoiler' Mayeux" <cajuncoiler@xxxxxxx>

For those of you who are still waiting for the proverbial "other shoe to drop", I just wanted to give an update on the situation.

Those of you that are new to the list, won't
remember, but a while back, I was attempting
add a wireless-b internet connection to my lab,
but was thwarted by the acute anamole of the
wireless signal being sucked into oblivion in
a 5 or 6 foot radius around my Tesla coil.

Well, business has slowed enough that I was
finally able to take an extra couple of days
to myself... during which time, I tried to make
the connection again.  This time, I was able to
map out a better location for the bridge... a
bit farther away from the access point, but
still a straight shot.  I then added in a
5-port mini hub, and made a hop to the computer
via a 25-foot cat5, over the grid ceiling.

The communications black hole that existed around
my Tesla coil, still exists, but now I'm going
around it (albeit the LONG way around), and the
signal is strong, and data transfer rates, even
though wireless-b, are high.

...just thought y'all might wanna know.
C.L. Mayeux, MsEE
Owner, MSB Data Systems

...now to tackle those software updates :D