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More Photos

Original poster: "Malcolm Watts" <m.j.watts@xxxxxxxxxxxx>

Hi all,
        I've just sent some photos of some of my earlier work to
Terry to put on hot-streamer. The photo names and what they are of
are detailed below:

These are in the directory at:


Third Coil Plus Mates: photo of my third successful coil together
with several other resonators constructed about 1982. Note the power
transformer on the LHS - this is the same transformer that powers the
"Fifth Coil" as shown in the "Malcolm" subdirectory on hot-streamer.

Third Coil Running: at the time, my best action shot of the coil
running. Sparks get to about 20" - a far cry from the >5' I'm doing
with the same transformer in the "Fifth Coil" pic.

Third Coil Power Tx: The Third coil running and powering two
resonators simply earthed the benchtop. Hardly a convincing example
of powering a world grid but enough to get plenty of amazed looks at
open days.

Mini Twins: A shot of a mini system I built someone c. 1997. The
resonator on the left provides the virtual ground as well as more
sparks. The power supply which was a 25W SMPS cap charger is not

Mini Primary Gap and Cap Detail: Pic showing gap and cap detail. The
safety gap is form by the bared portion of lead running from the
front side of the caps past the gap screw. Since the power supply
gave a constant power output, user could alter rep rate and bang size
by adjusting the gap on the fly and see a fair range of discharge
types. The finished product had acrylic covers over both gap and cap.

These last four: Minis Playing, Mini With Neon, Mini With Fluoro,
Mini With Bulb

show various action shots of the minicoil with its passive resonator.