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Original poster: jdwarshui@xxxxxxxxx

Hi: Steve
From: Jared

Our Levi configuration ( groundless single point power transmission
between two toroids with a single capacitor plate on each toroid) was
witnessed by several members of Pupman at Dr. Resonances Teslathon
last summer. One may argue that our analysis is incorrect, but one
cannot argue that the device is real.

We have just finished winding a total of 68lb 21 gauge magnetic wire
around two toroidal forms (34 lb wire each)  the dimensions of the
minor diameter being 12 inch and the major diameter being 6ft.  We are
in the process of getting together a rotary gap, pole pig and
ballast.  You can rest assured that we have complete confidence in our
mathematical model.

If you would like to demonstrate to your own satisfaction that our
models are accurate using two identical solenoids, this can readily be

Sum the length of wire from both solenoids (in meters). Take the speed
of light at 3 x 10 to 8 m/s and divide this by the total wire length
sum. This will give you the frequency for driving the tank circuit to
get a full wave.

Calculate the inductance from one half of one solenoid using L = u
Nsqrd pi Rsqrd / l

Set the wire length frequency to equal 1/ 2 pi sqrt ( LC )
Substitute in L from above and solve for capacitance total. Subtract
Medhurst's self capacitance and split this value between both ends of
each solenoid

You can use metal tape covered spheres for the capacitors, tape a few
inches of bare wire to the metal foil.  The formulae for a spherical
capacitor is:  Cap = 4 pi e R (meters)

Duplicate this capacitance for the other solenoid.

You only need one primary placed in the center of either solenoid, the
other coil will resonate sympathetically.

Steve: We have never advocated placing current nodes at the ends of
solenoids for groundless systems, dont know where you got that from?