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Original poster: "Steve Conner" <steve.conner@xxxxxxxxxxx>

>If you take the time to
>build and measure a toroidal coil you will see that our claims are
>entirely sensible and matter of fact.

How about if I took an ordinary Tesla secondary and shorted the ends
together? Surely this is electrically equivalent to a donut coil, and will
have a current node at the shorted ends and a current minimum in the middle.

After all, you argued that a length l of wire connected in a loop always
resonates at some multiple of c/l no matter how it is arranged, so by your
own argument it shouldn't matter if I coil those "l" feet of wire round a
toroid, or a cylinder, or a 9-dimensional hypercaduceus or whatever.

So you are in a bit of a corner. If I measure the Tesla resonator with
shorted ends and find that it resonates at another frequency than what you
would predict, your only way out is to argue that your wire length formula
only works on toroidal coils. But this isn't a way out at all, because it
contradicts what you said earlier.

I'll do the experiment tonight. If you don't believe the result then I'm
done- some other sucker can waste two evenings, a perfectly good inner tube,
and 1000' of magnet wire winding a toroidal coil.

Steve Conner