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Re: Coiling almanac

Original poster: Paul Friedman <paul.a.friedman@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>

Thanks your request just answered several of my questons of what has
changed in the passed eight yours. I vote yes. Go for it. tks Paul

Tesla list <tesla@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Original poster: Paul Nicholson

Hi All,

I'm not aware of a coiling almanac. Why don't we make one?

This would consist of a year by year list of significant milestones
in the art and science of coiling - the technical developments and
inventions, the theoretical advances, the well known 'Big Coils',
and so on. We should confine it to coiling (professional and hobby)
rather than Tesla and other Tesla related subjects.

For example, recent discussions of Fres calculations by coilers
suggest three little milestones on the theoretical side,

* 1987: William Kolb points out a reliable velocity factor
* 1995: Malcolm Watts introduces use of Medhurst C.
* 1999: Terry Fritz computes shunt C from the geometry.

I don't think there are many items on theory topics, but there must
be l oads of stuff on the practical/construction/operation side of

I'm suggesting here just a simple year/who/what. It would be nice
to make a list which would include perhaps the following and more,

* Well known and/or influential coil designs in popular magazines
or journals.

* The trend from sphere toploads to toroids. When and who?

* The move from long thin coils to shorter, fatter.

* First use of pole pigs, MOTs, OBITS, that kind of stuff.

* Spark gap technology. Must be lots of stuff under this topic.

* MMCs? Terry Fritz, but when?

* LTR? As above.

* Solid state developments.

* VTTC developments.

* Evolution of primary designs, helical to bowl shaped to flat spiral.

* The big coils and well known museum/exhibition coils.

* Significant milestones in measurement and instrumentation.

* The many well known and/or useful computer programs.

Potentially there could be a very interesting list put together
here. We should make a little effort to help ensure that the efforts
and contributions made by generations of coilers are not forgotten.

I'll gather any suggestions made and put them into a list.
Paul Nicholson