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Re: Building Stuff... (OT?)

Original poster: BunnyKiller <bunikllr@xxxxxxx>

:)   i just gutted 2 uW ovens for the transformers today...

I have used the trannies from previous uW ovens to make power supplies for a YAG laser capable of cutting holes clean thru 1" of cow flesh ( 1" thick porterhouse steak) I was not going to test it on my own hand... :) not after what I saw what it did to a block of graphite... OUCH!!! 600J of flash energy is pretty powerful and focused down to 100uM is even more nasty... I do have to admit the recharge time is slooowww.. but effective... T- Coils are fun but so are lasers..

Scot D

I was highly amused at the speed with which the 'experts' said:
      Nothing can be built from discarded microwave ovens.