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Re: Golka Photos

Original poster: "Paul B. Brodie" <pbbrodie@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>

In the new photos Mike posted, the picture labeled "Inside Building View Coil At Climax Mine Leadville Co.jpg" appears to show the coil built on top of a raised floor, maybe as much as 2 feet off the ground. Someone had mentioned that the coil may have suffered from some parasitic losses due to being on the ground.
Paul Brodie
Think Positive

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> Original poster: David Speck <<mailto:dave@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>dave@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
> Group,
> I looked at the photos of the Golka coil that Malcolm posted.
> Perhaps this is a silly question but I wonder if the efficiency of the unit
> would have been better if the primary coils were higher above the
> ground. I've read that the earth is a pretty good conductor, and with the
> primary coil being nearly on the ground, it would seem like the earth would
> be like a big shorted turn. I could see the system wasting a lot of energy
> just heating the dirt inside the coil setup.
> Any thoughts?
> Dave
>> I scanned a couple of photos I obtained a long time ago from some
>> Science magazine of Robert Golka's early replica of Tesla's CS coil.
>> Terry has kindly put them at: