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Re: Golka Photos

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Hi All,
That is a good point about the coil to ground, I asked about inductance per winding, etc, Bob said he had that all down, would look for it for me. Also, he did measure Q I found out tonight, he had at some point decent meters, other coilers that visited had some as well.
He had built it to as close as the CS coil because he wanted to duplicate conditions to see if BL was what Tesla had seen. But you are right Terry, the earth conditions at CS sure could have been different.
When Bob ran this out in the open on the salt flats, he said it never ran as well as it later did in the hanger.
By the way, in pictures yet to be scanned, one can see the curve of the hanger roof better and the coil size ratio.
The very top of the hanger, which Bob measured with a plumb line, to the floor, was 95 feet.
So that is the highest point above ground, that being the top tin skin of the hangar. The Z braced supports which follow the roof curve were about 6 feet; They used to have to climb up those and pull an overhead light to them, for bulb changing.
I also see I must re-scan the posted pictures, I think the transformer in a desk light may have bothered the scanner as there are distortions not on the original pictures.

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At 07:03 PM 4/4/2005, you wrote:
In the new photos Mike posted, the picture labeled "Inside Building View Coil At Climax Mine Leadville Co.jpg" appears to show the coil built on top of a raised floor, maybe as much as 2 feet off the ground. Someone had mentioned that the coil may have suffered from some parasitic losses due to being on the ground.
Paul Brodie
Think Positive

2 feet my seem like a lot to "us", but for a 51 foot diameter primary that is real close. If you scale 51 feet to two feet, then 2 feet becomes 1/2 inch off the ground!! I think Tesla's original coil was on a sandstone ledge that might have been a darn good insulating platform. Very possible wet ground in LeadVille sucking up the primary power was the cause of the poor performance reported.

BTW - I see Bob even made the tower!!!