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Re: Toroid

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What would I make it out of?
                                                Steven Steele
P.S. I like to make things ant i'm good with a hammer. ;^)


Have you read many of the Tesla websites in the Tesla webring
and elsewhere?  These sites show many of the items that
are discussed on this list such as the dryer duct toroids,
spark gaps, primaries, etc.  I think the webring can be
accessed from the main     www.pupman.com    webpage.
Many of the builders discuss how they made things or
where they obtained the components, etc.  Some discuss
problems they had with their projects and how they overcame
those problems.  You can learn a lot from them and sometimes
from some mistakes they may have made.  To become a
Tesla expert you must read, read, and read, and build, build,
and build, and of course ask questions such as you are doing.
But you must follow safety rules too because of the extreme
dangers of many aspects of coiling.

My site is at:


There's some links there to my other pages, and to some
other sites, etc.  My site is not on the webring.

John Freau