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Re: pole pig?

Original poster: Sebastiaan Draaisma <sebas@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

Chiang Mai, Tuesday, April 5, 2005

In reply to: pole pig?

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Posted on: Tuesday, April 5, 2005

Hello Steven,

Transformers like these are used by your electricity company to transform the high voltage into the safer low voltage you use in your home. These transformers can be used for extremely big Tesla coils. The voltage of this transformer lies around 15000V and weighs about 250 Kilo. The power is extreme and any wrong usage can kill you instantly. Working with transformers of this size requires a lot of experience and special components to withstand the power, produced by these transformers.

People who are interested in buying a distribution transformer do well on a search at e-Bay where they can be found for

? 500.- (second hands).

I think its called a pole pig because its like a little piggy on a pole ;)

More info can be found at Google.

Best regards,

Sebastiaan Draaisma

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Tesla> What is a pole pig?

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>>"First use of pole pigs"

>>The Tesla coil in the University of Missouri EE lab was powered by a

>>pole pig and used a "radio transmitter" type RSG back in 1939.  Probably

>>not the first use by any means.