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Re: more RFI filter questions

Original poster: "steve" <steve_vance-at-cablelynx-dot-com> 

Dr. Resonance, Gerry, and J. B.

Thanks for the responses. I am going to make the hash chokes and get some
mov's to go along with the filters. As for the HV side, Does a pig really
need anything other than a safety gap to protect the windings?

Steve Vance
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 > Original poster: "Dr. Resonance" <resonance-at-jvlnet-dot-com>
 > Don't hook them up backwards.
 > You can run two in series.
 > Use some varisters on the 240 Volt out side and also use some between the
 > filters.  Another good idea on the 240 Volt side, before the varisters,
 > some nice hash chokes --- 2 inch ID PVC schedule 40 tube approx 20 inches
 > long and wind with #12 AWG PVC (house wiring).  Cut up some 1/4 inch steel
 > rod and fill the center of each choke with the rod --- pack tight and
 > silicone in place.  One of these chokes on each hot side of the line, ie,
 > H1, H2.  This will filter out hash before it hits your filter network.
 > Dr. Resonance
 >  >
 >  > I have bought four Corcom 30vsk6 filters off of  ebay. They are rated
 >  > 250V. I would like to use them on my 5KVA pig powered coil. I have
 > searched
 >  > the archives for answers to my questions but all I can find out is that
 >  > there is a lot of disagreement on the subject of connecting RFI
 >  > So....Here we go again.  Do they work better if they are hooked up
 >  > backwards? Will placing two filters in parallel lower the attenuation
to a
 >  > more useful level for tesla coil frequencies? Do I ground the filter
 >  > to the mains ground or do I use the coil's RF ground?
 >  >
 >  > Thanks,
 >  > Steve Vance
 >  >
 >  >
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