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Re: Cu Sphere Quotes

Original poster: "john cooper" <tesla-at-tesla-coil-dot-com> 

I finally received the quotes today, here's the details:

10" cu sphere - $45.50, .022" metal thickness

12" cu sphere - 64.50, .032" thick

14" cu sphere - 84.50, .050" thick

These prices are based on buying 10 of any one size, if the demand exceeds 
those quantities, I'll be able to pass along a lower price to all.

I'm also getting some 2" cu spheres (.022" thick), those are 4.55 each.

There will be a little shipping cost, I'm having them sent ground to keep 
it as low as possible and we'll divide it up by the number of spheres sent.

Let me know which size(s) and quantity.  Delivery on the larger spheres are 
3 to 4 weeks, delivery on the 2" spheres is about 10 days.