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Re: Thoughts on new bigg coil

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In a message dated 6/21/04 7:14:07 AM Pacific Daylight Time, 
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Original poster: Bart Anderson <tesla111-at-sbcglobal-dot-net>

Hi Kevin,

The 11" would be prone to problems at the same power levels of the 24", but
of course you could run it at lower powers.

Here's a - thought. Have you entertained the idea of turning the 24" x 108"
into a biggg-maggy? It might be a good time to think out and check if a
decent driver coil could be built for the new 24" coil. Of course, making
an existing coil work in a magnifier configuration is a little more
challenging than beginning fresh, but it's possible. Again, just a thought.

Take care,

   Yes, before I built the Bigggcoil I entertained both ways, maggie & 
classic.  I have not been one to find any benifits with maggies having 
longer sparks than a well built classic.
   I have made several smaller 7 kW maggies similar to Richard Hull's 
designs, but I wanted a all in one, easy to set up Coil.  What I might do 
is just rewire & beef up the old BigggCoil secondary frame after several 
days of thought.

Kevin E.