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Re: Brass Balls Down Under

Original poster: "Richard Modistach" <hambone-at-dodo-dot-com.au> 

phos\bronz balls of all sizes can be had
from bearing suppliers,
bearing service, consolidated bearings,
gardner bearings, are three of the major ones
in adelaide, your local bearing\engineering
supplies shop may be able to help but expect
blank looks first up.
if  you have a lathe like me its much easier
to make your own., complete with shaft
already attached.


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Subject: Brass Balls Down Under

 > Original poster: Matthew Smith <matt-at-kbc-dot-net.au>
 > Hi All
 > Can anyone point me to a good online source of small brass balls for
 > gaps, etc., in Australia?  The local hardware places are a joke (they
 > even stock soldering flux paste).
 > Cheers
 > M
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 > Matthew Smith
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