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Re: Thoughts on new bigg coil

Original poster: Bart Anderson <tesla111-at-sbcglobal-dot-net> 

Hi Kevin,

The 11" would be prone to problems at the same power levels of the 24", but 
of course you could run it at lower powers.

Here's a - thought. Have you entertained the idea of turning the 24" x 108" 
into a biggg-maggy? It might be a good time to think out and check if a 
decent driver coil could be built for the new 24" coil. Of course, making 
an existing coil work in a magnifier configuration is a little more 
challenging than beginning fresh, but it's possible. Again, just a thought.

Take care,

Tesla list wrote:

>Original poster: Bigggcoil-at-aol-dot-com
>   Looking for some insight for a new modified Bigggcoil secondary.  As 
> now the secondary is 108" x 24" wound with #14  thhn wire.  It sustained 
> damage this winter and the winding has sags in it.  My idea while waiting 
> for a new secondary form is winding the same number of turns of the #14 
> wire onto a 11" outside dia PVC form.  Yes thats 108" x 11", quite a stick.
>   But how do you think it will perform all else being the same?  Same 
> turns, just lower inductance/higher freq.   The old secondary made 26.5 
> foot sparks, 21 kVAC input voltage, 120 BPS sync rotory, 0.173 uF 
> cap.  Of coarse the primary will be modified & retuned as reqired.
>This it just temporary untill the new 108 x 24
>form is made.  The old secondary was 90 mH, the new one will be 19 mH 
>approx.  Same 8' toroid also to be used.   Thoughts?
>Kevin E
>Coiling in Oklahoma