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Re: Self-Resonant Driver Boards (DRSSTC, ISSTC, etc...) Bulk Purchase ? ? ? ? Anyone ? ? ?

Original poster: "Eastern Voltage Research Corporation" <dhmccauley-at-easternvoltageresearch-dot-com> 

No, these boards will be done through a local boardhouse.

Also, what boards have you had made through ExpressPCB?  You claimed in an
earlier email that you never ordered boards from here
and that all your boards were ordered from a house overseas.

We use ExpressPCB exclusively as a engineering prototype vendor here at
Lockheed Martin and among the many departments (about 1500 engineers total)
ordered at least 1000 uniquely different prototype boards from ExpressPCB in
the past four years.  Everything from Power Boards to Signal Processing
We have never seen a single problem among the boards produced by ExpressPCB.

I find it very hard to believe you had a quality problem.

Perhaps you could elaborate on exactly what issues / problems you had.

Thank you


 > Dan,
 > Are these going to be made by ExpressPCB?  I've had some quality issues
 > them in the past and I was wondering what company you'll be having the
 > boards made with.
 > Regards - Jim Mitchell