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RE: Tesla Stuff near Colorado Springs?

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Hello everyone.

I can confirm what Brian B. has said.  The Dick Aurandt coil came into my 
after he (Dick), passed away.  At that time, his coil was in a very sad 
state of disrepair.
I larboard to restore it to its original state and then donated it to the 
International Tesla
Society, back in 1992.  It resided there (at the Tesla Museum in Colorado 
up to the point that the (ITS) went bankrupt, which was about 
1997?  Because of a
contract I had taken with ITS, I finally received the coil back again 
(into) my personal
possession.  While it was on display at the ITS Museum in Colorado Springs, 
it was
run on a daily basis for all visitors to the ITS Museum.  Mr. Steve 
Eliswick can attest
to this statement.

I feel very sad that the ITS went bankrupt.  It is sort of like so many 
other things that
has happened in Tesla's own life time, and even afterwards.  Still, all the 
great things
that have come about, because of this great man, cannot be diminished.  I feel
confident, that in the future, there will be another Tesla Museum in 
Colorado Springs,
which is the birthplace, of so many of (his) genius ideas.

Best regards,
Bill Wysock.

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 > Jim,
 > I think it's the Dick Aurandt coil you are speaking of. Bill Wysock
 > restored it and donated it to the museum, then upon its closing, the
 > coil was returned to Bill (and I was lucky enough to help uncrate and
 > run it upon its return).
 > Check out
 > http://www.ttr-dot-com/DA-1.html
 > or
 > http://www.briananddebbie-dot-com/images/Tesla/Pictures/051599/bill.htm
 > Regards,
 > Brian B.
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 >  >Does anyone know if there is any Tesla stuff to be seen around Colorado
 >  >Springs? A museum perhaps by any chance?
 > There was a Tesla museum and book store in Colorado Springs a few years
 > ago. My understanding is that it is now closed. They had a Ken
 > Strickfadden(sp?) coil from the old Frankestein movies which was
 > operated
 > for demo.
 > Jim

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