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RE: Tesla Stuff near Colorado Springs?

Original poster: sparks-at-spectrotek-dot-com 

 > I see that this coil has no topload. Is it possible to set the other
 > parameters of a coil so that almost no topload is needed, i.e..,
 > eliminate the toroid for example in general. Would this coil do even
 > better with a toroid?
 > Godfrey Loudner
 > I think it's the Dick Aurandt coil you are speaking of. Bill Wysock
 > restored it and donated it to the museum, then upon its closing, the
 > coil was returned to Bill (and I was lucky enough to help uncrate and
 > run it upon its return).
 > Regards,
 > Brian B.

When I was able to run it while visiting the Tesla museum some years
ago, I found that placing a larger topload on the secondary terminal
increased the spark length considerably.  Without the added top load,
sparking and heavy corona was plainly evident from the protective metal
plate at the top of the secondary winding.  If I can locate the photos I
took at that time, I'll post them on my web site.  They may be hard to
find - I've been looking for them for a couple of years with no luck. :(


Ralph   W5JGV - WC2XSR/13