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Re: Rotary SG Safety

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Good point. People have a look at http://www.powerlabs-dot-org/cdexplode.htm
You can see how when spinning even light objects like CDs can do a lot of
In light of all this it seems to me that RSGs are a lot more expensive than
previously thought. Perhaps Static spark gaps with heaps of
airflow/suction, should be the way to go. I considered that while in the
shower; and I think that the danger with RSGs could be minimized by
enclosing the spinning disk with brick or concrete when its too expensive
to get a properly machined disk. For my RSG I'm going to make a laminate of
4 or 5  8 inch angle grinder disks and drill bolts through them. Ill then
attach it to a bench grinder, and surround it in bricks. This will have the
added effect of making the whole operation quieter!

Hi All,
This definitely puts a new "spin" on the expression "built like a brick 
outhouse." ;-)
Seems like overkill to me, unless you are planning a monster RSG, but a 
disintegrating disk could mangle much more than mere metaphors. (Moreover, 
it makes for messy alliterations,)

Matt D.