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Re: ISSTC HITS 55" No tuning yet

Original poster: jimmy hynes <chunkyboy86-at-yahoo-dot-com> 


 > My coil is currently the largest (working) ISSTC (not DRSSTC Jimmy... ;-))
 > I am using .15F of tank capacitance and a 6" by 30" secondary coil.

Call it what you like, but my DRSSTC operates pretty much the same way. I 
am no longer looking for
notches, and I drive it at the lower pole for most power. I think the 
secondary feedback gives the
higher pole though. Still pretty close.

 > I added another 10,000F across the rails last night,  and the improvement
 > was moot. I think I'm going to need more capacitance in the doubler.

I think it is probably not your filter caps. You mentioned to me that you 
were using 40 feet of
extension cords, so it's probably not able to recharge the caps fast 
enough. You're just dragging
the line down