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Re: ISSTC Components

Original poster: "Steven Ward" <srward16-at-hotmail-dot-com> 


>I'm just using my somewhat privileged position in the electronics industry 
>for my own benefit and why not spread these parts about to those that 
>don't have this access?

Not a bad idea...

  Because of who I am, I ask for
>samples, I generally get them, no questions asked, or very few and if 
>these are stocked by a disty, I generally get nice pricing because they 
>also buy parts from us.  I think there are those who would like to get 
>samples but don't want to go thru the deceit they'd need to pull it 
>off.  Samples are meant for legitimate r&d departments or contract 
>manufacturers that will be later buying thousands if the part works out, 
>not for a personal project with no prospect of selling more (there could 
>be exceptions to this).  I'm just wondering how long it's going to take 
>these manufacturers to realize that they're getting fleeced for bogus 
>sample orders, it's going to change the way they operate if they ever do 
>decide to do something about that.

Oh im sure it will, and i have seen it happen where companies change thier 
sampling requirements from time to time, most likely to weed out the 
non-legit samplers (im included and theres no point it lying about it... im 
a college student who cant really afford most of these parts).

  Plus, I'm making sure the prices are minimal
>   and definitely less than the Avnet's and Digi-Key's in the industry, 
> and no 'handling' charge.
>Believe me, I'm not doing this to make money,

Wait, your not??? could have fooled me since you are asking 20 bucks a pop 
for the IGBTs that you have just said you got for free.  IT may be 
insignificant to a person like you who deals with high quantity orders 
seemingly on a day to day basis, but to most of us, what your doing is down 
right wrong.

I get that from
>selling 1,000 to 50,000+ components on a single p.o., not from 2 diodes.
>And I don't mind stocking commonly used components, give me a call if you 
>have any special requests.

I do appreciate what you are doing, but i cant help from voicing my opinion 
about this.  It would be different if you had bought these parts at 
discount and resold them, but you are selling samples.  As the "inventor" 
of the ISSTC, i guess this makes me feel a bit more emotional about this 
related issue.


Steve Ward

>John F. Cooper
>Electronic Warehouse, Inc.
>Irvine, CA
>949 837-1575 x2 7am-3pm pst