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Re: ISSTC HITS 55" No tuning yet

Original poster: "Jim Mitchell" <Electrontube-at-sbcglobal-dot-net> 

Yea but you also use extension cords.. so...

If  it's draggin the line down at 150v,  perhaps I should wire up my 240v

Regards - Jim Mitchell
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Subject: Re: ISSTC HITS 55" No tuning yet

 > Original poster: jimmy hynes <chunkyboy86-at-yahoo-dot-com>
 > Hey,
 >  > My coil is currently the largest (working) ISSTC (not DRSSTC Jimmy...
 >  > I am using .15F of tank capacitance and a 6" by 30" secondary coil.
 > Call it what you like, but my DRSSTC operates pretty much the same way. I
 > am no longer looking for
 > notches, and I drive it at the lower pole for most power. I think the
 > secondary feedback gives the
 > higher pole though. Still pretty close.
 >  > I added another 10,000F across the rails last night,  and the
 >  > was moot. I think I'm going to need more capacitance in the doubler.
 >  >
 > I think it is probably not your filter caps. You mentioned to me that you
 > were using 40 feet of
 > extension cords, so it's probably not able to recharge the caps fast
 > enough. You're just dragging
 > the line down
 > =====
 > Jimmy