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Re: wimpy first light & fun with near death experience ;-)

Original poster: herwig.roscher-at-gmx.de 

Christoph Bohr wrote:

 > Here are some specs: 60nF tank cap with safety gap that did not fire.


Did you place a safety gap across the tank cap or do I misunderstand
this? If you did, a resistor small in resistance but large in power
should be connected in series with the gap. If this gap fires, the
cap is fully loaded and the short will cause huge currents.

 > I made some measurements on the MOT supply and noticed that the
 > voltage is only around 180V without load and 90 with load after the
 > ballast whoch looks pretty low to me
The current into the MOT and the voltage as well are not sinusodial.
This may cause wrong readings.  What type of voltmeter did you use?



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