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Re: wimpy first light & fun with near death experience ;-)

Original poster: "Christoph Bohr" <cb-at-luebke-lands.de> 

Hello Herwig.

 > Did you place a safety gap across the tank cap or do I misunderstand
 > this?

Yes, one across the cap, another very impromptu style across the RSG.

 > If you did, a resistor small in resistance but large in power
 > should be connected in series with the gap. If this gap fires, the
 > cap is fully loaded and the short will cause huge currents.

Right but opinions differ about this. Up to date I simply had no good idea
where to mount a resistor and so it
stayed "old school" without one. But it is certainly safer and wont harm if
I incooperated some resistance there.
After all the R hast to handle high voltage as well as high current.

 > The current into the MOT and the voltage as well are not sinusodial.
 > This may cause wrong readings.  What type of voltmeter did you use?

Good point, I did not think about that. I use a analog AVO-Meter Model 7 in
the 400V AC range.
This device is pretty common and has hardly every tricked me in the past
though it was only a 15$ flea market buy
I made when I was some 14 years or so.

best regards