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Re: wimpy first light & fun with near death experience ;-)

Original poster: "Christoph Bohr" <cb-at-luebke-lands.de> 

Hello Ted

Thanks for you answer. I did some troubleshooting today to the "delight" of
our neigbours ;-)
I found some wires have moved closer to the core of one outer MOT which
probably caused the unpleasant
Here are some specs: 60nF tank cap with safety gap that did not fire. These
are 1,5cm dia stell balls 1cm apart which is probably to much
for 30kV max, I closed this up a bit. I am not sure about the Fres, but the
tertiary coil resonates at around 90 or 100 KHz with toroid.
primary is ca 6 turns. The tuning should be almost correct, at least what
Fres is concerned. I tried this at low power with a static gap and added a
little indutance to account for streamer loading. I had no chance to make
signal generator measurements as I still have to upgrade my signal generator
for more output power.
I made some measurements on the MOT supply and noticed that the voltage is
only around 180V without load and 90 with load after the ballast whoch looks
pretty low to me, though the power drawn seems correct for one MOT as
Ballast, around 2,5KVA.  I had expected higher voltage.. or is this normal?
The funny thing is, when I power the coil up there is no reaction till
around 60% tough the spacing of the RSG electrodes is very close. Then comes
a short, maybe 1/2 second burst producing  several streamers at a time and
then nothing happens until I power down and try again. Obviously I do not
want to try this too
often as I am concerned about voltage ringup.... but then again.... no
safety gap fired, the caps are OK.... hmmm.
I think I will do some more research tomorrow and give account what I found
After some short "bursts" today I feel at least the performance should be
pretty good when everything is adjusted well. The space above my toroid
amlost looks like the electric waterfall upside down for the half second
that it lasts ;-)
At the moment I am happy to have the acring under oil under controll ;-)

BTW: I think 300BPS is not nessessarily a problem, Finn's Millennium RSG
proves this theory wrong ;-)

Best regards

Christoph Bohr