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RE: Welding rods and ARCS

Original poster: "Gary Pedro by way of Terry Fritz <twftesla-at-qwest-dot-net>" <kf6fpu-at-sbcglobal-dot-net>

I do a lot of welding and coiling and I would have to say that the best
spark gap I ever built was 12 1/8 inch red (2% thoriaded) tunginsten on
a delron disk the green (Pure) works well to but wears faster. On the
other side of the rotor from the points, I used co2 gas to cool the
points. This worked very well I still use the gap today and I built it
about four years ago never having changed the points. 

P.S. did anyone know that a tig welder is actually a small TC?   

Gary A Pedro
Gary A. Pedro
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Hi list folks,
I've seen all this about welding rods on the list but can't quite grasp
I found a bunch of welding rods in the back of my toolbox, hence these

How would you physically mount and connect wires to said welding rods?

Is it really better to use welding rods in gaps? I also think I read
somewhere that you can use welding rods for inside the bottles in a SW
bucket cap. How would you connect the wires to the rods in this case
Can you solder to welding rods?

As always I'm very grateful for your input and guidance. Thanks a lot.

Getting closer...................

Ft. Lauderdale