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how my flyback circuit works- I think :)

Original poster: "rob by way of Terry Fritz <twftesla-at-qwest-dot-net>" <rob-at-pythonemproject-dot-com>

This pertains to robflyback.zip that is in the
www.hot-streamers-dot-com/temp location.

Some people have asked me how this circuit works.  Well I built it as a
child, but now as an engineer I may be able to give some insight.  It
runs class C, unlike the push-pull type designs.  The L-C network on the
transistor base forms a high pass filter so that the base-emitter
junction sees short pulses of current.  Typically in class C they take
on the form of Bessel functions.  Thus you get a pulse train at a
repetition rate determined by the secondary resonance.  The short pulses
are the key to being able to use such a cheap transistor as the 2N3055,
as the L-C circuit also is good at sucking the charge back out of the
base.  Someone with a real flyback model could simulate it.  Getting a
plot of base current would be the key.  Rob.

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